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  1. CoinPoleCoinPole 13 Sep 05:07

    【Rules and Guidelines】Please must read it before using Coinpole!

  2. achmii24achmii24 Yesterday 04:52

    Anyone using freebitcoin ? contact me i hve 90% code to make u win the bet braah

  3. Onur33Onur33 01:22

    Anyone can tell me where i can find the withdrawal method ?

  4. ronesimusronesimus 08:40

    Satoshi reserve since yesterday is zero. Can't withdraw

  5. PikachuPikachu 00:42

    Hello, dear administrator of the CoinPole service. What is this nonsense?

  6. olixolix Yesterday 09:25

    I think im lucky? Right?

  7. CoinPoleCoinPole 30 Aug 06:34

    CoinPole will update 2 features in next 2 months.
    1. Group Chatting
    2. Blog Page
    If you have more good ideas, please tell them to us.

  8. achmii24achmii24 Yesterday 04:51

    Can someone explain to me about how to withdraw fast. and maybe earning much satoshi from other faucet

  9. aleqnikoaleqniko Yesterday 16:57

    Thanks again dear admin I have already received all satoshis for 2 day!

  10. flyersflyers 23 Sep 23:23

    Will we be able to sent our btc to this weekend? If not when?

  11. molosomoloso Yesterday 08:39

    admin , may ask about how come i can't claim satoshi to faucethub .io just 1 time i claim my satoshi more then 2000 satoshi .i can't claim ,,,sad about it ..please settle this problem ..t... Full Text »

  12. jthorburnjthorburn Yesterday 09:13

    @CoinPole : Did you receive the email I sent to you at support. I tried to to help you regarding the English wording on Coinpole.

  13. PrimoPrimo 23 Sep 22:49

    With Amazon accepting BitCoin it may really become a mainstream matter. Don't you think?
    Big value increase coming?
    https:... Full Text »

  14. joycecabjoycecab Yesterday 05:39

    Why are you deducting my satoshi...instant 200 without doing nothing how unfair wasting time and effort

  15. saulansaulan 23 Sep 14:55

    How implement your captcha system in my faucet? i use alpha script

  16. cirelyndoncirelyndon 20 Sep 08:39

    they give me the wrong prize. how get the the prize for it.

  17. thainvthainv 22 Sep 10:52

    Hi everybody,
    Anyone success withdraw from this site?
    I always see 0 remaining in reserve.
    And only 2000 satoshi 1 time? Can we withdraw higher?
    Please help me answear.... Full Text »

  18. faroukfarouk 23 Sep 19:20

    you want to earn money ? you want to working at home ? you want to invest only 0.002btc and earn more 25btc :o :o only in redex you dream this welcome to my team any one want to join in my team s... Full Text »

  19. Fahim786Fahim786 23 Sep 14:51

    now,coinpole is a scam or fake site.because,coinpole can not give payment.

  20. frailin24frailin24 23 Sep 11:18

    hola a todos tengo 2000 satoshis pero no me permite retirarlos es mi segunda vez y no puedo ayuda:(

  21. olixolix 23 Sep 13:25

    Hi guys,
    Anyone can tell me how earn btc from this site ?
    and how to withdraw from this site ?
    Please help me im new in earning btc.
    Thank you.

  22. manaf2017manaf2017 23 Sep 11:50

    already reached 2000. while waiting for a refill, let's continue to claim. Coinpole is a very good mini btc machine. anyone who agrees with me?

  23. DrudzinskiDrudzinski 21 Sep 01:48

    Just started my bitcoin exploits a few weeks ago and have been getting deeper and deeper down the bitcoin rabbit hole, so i wanted to maybe get a group of people together to discuss strategies a... Full Text »

  24. gibson14gibson14 21 Sep 12:11

    Every time I log in I have to solve the captcha multiple times, even I enter the right symbols. Can you please repair the captcha, it's just annoying. I'm sure, there is a issue with your captcha.

  25. ricorico 22 Sep 17:46

    You can make money through faucets sites and if you can read then you believe so.. Use different site to collect more satoshis.I have few days working @CoinPole... Full Text »

  26. avegaleavegale 22 Sep 07:33

    I just wanna ask some question, after i redeem my 2000 satoshi, i rest claiming for 1 day and when i get back, i saw my remaining satoshi become - :( why does it happen, i didn't do anything. tha... Full Text »

  27. hampuuchampuuc 21 Sep 18:18

    If you want faucet without pop ups and without 3 annoying captchas then coinpole is for you. best faucet and instant payments.

  28. jfimsjfims 27 Aug 17:53

    OMG! I hit the best prize!

  29. SassafrassSassafrass 21 Sep 14:53

    Hello All. Can anyone explain how to use the mining option on

  30. SassafrassSassafrass 21 Sep 15:06

    @Alonsensai This morning on Freebitco : Use your browser to passively mine bitcoin and receive mining rewards instantly to your account, credited every 5 minutes.
    Please note t... Full Text »

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